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Digital data management can be stressful, but it doesn't have be. 

It can be a struggle managing lots of data properly, especially when you are generating it every day. Without the right systems it can get messy.

Are you looking for the right support, to build your skills, create maps and easily generate reports?
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Does data management make you frustrated?
Do you dread writing reports...
not enough time
People tell us all the time, that 'we don't have time to collect ALL the data'... but when it comes to report writing time and you don't have ALL the data, it's hard to show the huge amount of work that you and the team have been doing. Not having all the data you need, can make report writing more stressful and take up much more your time.
Technical issues always come up
We know that technical issues come up, and sometimes they may take days, weeks or months to fix without the right support. Often you're not able to collect any data during this time, which requires entering in data manually, or you’re left with gaps in your work data history. Without the right technical support and training this can be an ongoing battle we've seen so many times.
reporting can be stressful 
When it comes to report writing, it's a process that many people put off until the last minute, so there is little room to move when things go wrong! Can't find the data you need? Forgotten how to generate a map of your work? What about the overall effort that you put in this year, how do you show that?
With over a decade of experience in digital data collection, management and reporting, we have developed all you need in an easy to access online portal...
...the CyberTracker Training and Technical Support Portal will support you and your team to develop the skills and knowledge you need to use CyberTracker software, manage your data and create the reports that you need...

NAILSMA's I-Tracker Story
In 2009 the North Australian Indigenous Land and Sea Management Alliance (NAILSMA) developed the award winning I-Tracker program that incorporated the use of world-renowned CyberTracker software, and specifically developed on-ground training and technical support for Indigenous Ranger groups across north Australia. The success of the program quickly grew as government agencies, conservation organisations and researchers engaged NAILSMA’s expertise to develop similar tools for their land and sea management projects.

At the core of the I-Tracker program is a commitment to ensuring that knowledge and data remain in
Indigenous hands and is used to address Indigenous priorities. The sustainability of north Australia’s land and sea management industry requires a significant degree of Indigenous led decision-making. The ownership of data and information generated by Indigenous communities is central to their capacity to make informed decisions about land management and resource use options.

NAILSMA's I-Tracker program has been awarded two Banksia Awards. Recognised in 2012 in the overall Land and Biodiversity category - Preserving Our Ecosystems Award, NAILSMA's expertise in this field was also recognised through receiving the Indigenous Award - Caring for Country for its 'I-Tracker Initiative: Best Practice Tools and Partnerships for Indigenous Land and Sea Management'. 
We are working in partnership with the founders of CyberTracker to support a Worldwide Environmental Monitoring Network.
with TRAINING & SUPPORT YOu can TAKE COntrol OF your data.
manage, map and report on your work without...
• Wasting Time....
• Wasting Money....
your team
Ricky Archer
Ricky Archer, NAILSMA CEO, oversees all NAILSMA Programs and is proud to present this innovative training resource to support Indigenous land and sea managers, Government Agencies, conservation organisations and researchers to collect and manage their data with the right support and technical expertise.  
erica Mccreedy
Erica McCreedy has been using CyberTracker software for close to a decade! She has developed numerous CyberTracker Applications for Indigenous Ranger Groups, Government Agencies, Researchers and Conservation Organisations both in Australia and overseas. She has developed and delivered on-ground training programs to environmental practitioners, school students and across cultures and linguistics. Erica oversees NAILSMA's Education and Training Programs, has a background in GIS and works closely with CyberTracker Developers  Louis Liebenberg and Justin Stevenson.
David Moore
David Moore is one of NAILSMA's Head Trainers, working alongside a dedicated team supporting Traditional Owners and managers across North Australia. David’s previous experience as a Djelk Ranger has given him the skills and knowledge to develop and deliver data collection and management training to land and sea managers.
 What will you gain from the Portal? Let's take a look...
building capacity

Capacity building is integral to the successful uptake and maintenance of data collection, management and reporting. The CyberTracker Training and Technical Support Portal will enable you to build your skills and knowledge on how to use CyberTracker software and manage your data with confidence with easy to follow videos and resources.

developing applications
When developing your data collection applications, it's important to think what data needs to be collected and why? Collecting data to inform community-based management plans, day-to-day work activities, fee-for-service agreements with external stakeholders, or reporting requirements to funding organisations. We take you through a process of assessing your priorities, planning, and developing your application.  
Managing your data
Without the right training and support, data management can be stressful and time consuming. The Portal has modules specifically dedicated to managing your data, including how to filter your data to show specific areas of your work, work effort, mapping and reporting on these activities. All with easy to follow videos and resources. 

join the community
 NAILSMA’s vision includes increasing
awareness and recognition of the rights and capacity of  Indigenous people to own and manage their outstanding land and sea resources. Will a large community of rangers and land and sea managers looking after country, we have developed a central closed  VIP Facebook group just for our Portal members to ask questions, get support, share their stories and learn from each other. 
developing reports
With over a decade of experience in collaborating with Government Agencies, contracting partners and other data end users, we understand the requirements of report writing to meet funding requirements. Customised reporting templates with
cut-and-paste features have also been developed to help  you quickly and easily produce high-standard reports from your patrol data.
diy techincal support
The Portal has been set up to be used as a follow along training or as a digital technical support resource. That way you can use it as you need, watch the step by step videos, and download the resources as you need to. As you develop your skills and knowledge with CyberTracker you will be able to come back to the Portal at any time to refresh your knowledge or importantly to troubleshoot when you get stuck! 
The Portal will help make your data management much easier, 
building capacity and providing you with a support resource for whenever you need it!

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what do you get in the portal?
Introducing the CyberTracker Training and Technical Support Portal, to help you develop applications, collect and manage your data.
26 step by step training videos and downloaded PDF resources

Easy to follow online training on how to develop, modify, manage, map and report on your data using your own data collection applications. 

"Don’t forget this one, CyberTracker, we’ll keep it forever.. because it helps me, it helps kunred (country), it helps people."
victor rostron, senior djelk ranger, maningrida, NT.
What's included
Step by Step 
Easy to follow step by step videos that you can play in real time and follow along as you do the activity, or use as a ongoing training resource to build your skills, knowledge and confidence with CyberTracker software and data management in general. 

Step by Step Resources
Easy to follow downloadable step by step PDF's to help you complete each task easily, whether it be filtering your data, creating and exporting a map or completing a report. Simply display them on your computer, or print them out, and have them in front of you to follow along. 

develop your own data applications
We have included a specific section on how to plan and develop your own CyberTracker Application from scratch. With over a decade of experience in using CyberTracker, our team provide you with training that will not only give you the skills to build your own data collection application exactly as you need it, but to also gain understanding of how to modify or edit existing applications to suit your needs. This module is invaluable for all data managers! 

01. new content updated
The portal has been designed to enable new content to be added as it is developed. This will be based on the emerging needs of the industry or direct requests from Portal Members!

02. VIP SUPPOrt Group 
A VIP Support Group for Portal Members has been set up as a closed Facebook Group. The Group will be a place where members can ask training and technical questions and network with our wider community!
It’s like a game... trying to complete each level. It’s like watching YouTube videos to get new skills
Jonah ryan, djelk ranger, maningrida, nt.
Hello everybody, my name Victor Rostron, work for Djelk ranger. I’ve been with Djelk for long time now… 23 years. Cybertracker really good tool.. can be really good one to use when you find.. dead buffalo or pig, or weed like grader grass or mimosa… it got a lot of information, really easy one to record on. Don’t forget this one CyberTracker, we’ll keep it forever.. because it helps me, it helps kunred (country), it helps people.
victor rostron, senior djelk ranger, maningrida, NT.
An excellent use of modern technology and a great way to have indigenous land managers involved. It can be applied across a range of biodiversity monitoring projects across a large geographical region, rather than a single species or area. It has transformed the collection or environmental information and the management of environmental and biosecurity issues across the top end of Australia. Most importantly, it has been embraced by Indigenous communities and could be adapted to be used by any community.
Included in the package
Included in the package
• 26 Step by Step Videos
• 30 Step by Step downloadable Resources
• Training for Building Your Own Data Management Applications
• CyberTracker Applications ready for use or modified to suit your needs
• VIP Private Support Group
• Online Technical Support Access
• Connect with our online community of other Portal Users
• Over a decade of experience in Data Management and Training ~ INVALUABLE
• Training videos and resources valued at over $19,200
• CyberTracker Applications valued at over $5000 each 
• Total Value OVER $29,200!
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